Warranty and complaints do not include:

1) Damage caused by the improper transfer or assembly of furniture.

2) Damage resulting from a random situations or other circumstances that are not a dealer's fault.

3) Changes that has occured during the exploitation of the furniture and the consequent passage of time and usability.

4) Natural wrinkling of the fabrics produced during a proper use of the furniture resulting from the properties of fabric and of the properties of the foam used by the manufacturer.

5) Deformations of the foam resulting from the proper use of the furniture.

6) The armrests of the seats.

7) Damage caused by standing on the furniture and jumping on it.

8) Damage of the furniture caused by tearing their elements.

9) Damage of the storage boxes (linens containers) caused by placing in them the amount of linens in excess of their capacity specified by the manufacturer.

10) Dirt arising in connection with the performance of cleaning procedures that do not comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

11) Differences in the shade of wooden elements resulting from the natural origin of the raw material.

12) Damage caused by animals.

13) Damage and changes in the material upholstery of the furniture caused by setting the item in close range of sources of heat and sunlight.

14) Damage caused by non-compliance with the rules of using the furniture or as a result of using the furniture in a manner inconsistent with their purpose.


Returns are accepted within 14 days from the delivery date. The product has to be brand new and in its original packaging. If the sofa has been assembled it CANNOT be returned. Buyer pays postage cost.